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Anne Pendo, MD

Physician & Executive Coach

Helping you unleash your leadership potential

It’s hard to keep up the facade of perfection. You need to let go of things that could crush you and use them to integrate into your authentic self.

Anne’s philosophy

Anne’s deep belief is that we can thrive in both our personal and professional lives only by taking the time to consider what matters most to create actions that will lead to fulfillment.

We cannot care for others unless we care for ourselves first. This means understanding what matters most and clearly articulating our “why.” We then define the values to ground us when times are challenging.

In healthcare, we are expected to have all the answers: Asking for help is often unacceptable. Having and taking the time and space to consider how our personal and professional goals align is a critically important first step.

As your coach, Anne will help you consider these questions to find joy, meaning, and purpose in your life and work.

Without [Anne’s] support, encouragement, and guidance, I don’t think I would have been able to really believe the way I was feeling about our department culture wasn’t a fault with me but rather a fault with the leadership within my department. Because of [Anne’s] unwavering support and kindness, I believe we have found someone who can positively impact the culture and improve leadership within our department.  My fellow APPs and I are very grateful to [Anne] for all [she’s] done for all of us. 

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