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Anne Pendo, MD

Physician & Executive Coach

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My deep belief is that we can thrive in both our personal and professional lives only by taking the time to consider what matters most to create actions that will lead to fulfillment.

– Anne Pendo, MD

Coaching Services

Work with Anne to achieve your personal and professional goals while finding meaning, purpose, and joy. The focus of coaching is on you and your goals. Some potential areas of focus are balancing clinical and leadership responsibilities, integrating your home and work lives, and improving communication.

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Anne is a member of the International Coaching Federation and has certifications through Three Vital Questions, Extraordinary Leader 360 Assessment (Zenger-Folkman), and Inclusive Teams.

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Speaking Engagements

Anne is a dynamic speaker who engages participants in an immersive, interactive experience using examples from her personal and professional life. It is time to re-orient our thinking to a caring and learning mindset. Thriving at work and at home is possible.

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Topics include:

  • Relational Leadership
  • Owning your Leadership
  • Becoming an Emotionally Available Leader
  • Leading with a Coaching Mindset
  • Workforce Transformation and Wellbeing
  • Successful Transition from Clinical Leader to Administrative Leader

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Consulting Services

Work with Anne in one-on-one or in a group setting to:

  • Create a “connected” team who welcomes ideas to create improvement.
  • Coach and develop others to lead with a coaching mindset.
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    Schedule a free 20 minute call with Anne.

    “Dr. Pendo coaches leaders on becoming an emotionally available leader and has helped individuals balance clinical and leadership responsibilities, integrate their professional and personal lives, and improve leadership communication.”

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