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Anne Pendo, MD

Physician & Executive Coach

Physician Coach / Human-Centered Leader 

Wellbeing Specialist

I encourage you to define what matters most to you. Do it today. Don’t wait. While we may not be perfectly balanced, we will continue juggling to stay on our feet with optimism.

– Anne Pendo, MD

Get Ready for the Future of Medicine

Today’s leaders need skills different from those that make us successful in patient care. As physicians and advanced practitioners, we need to understand the issues facing us are the ones most challenging to solve.

The future of medicine is team-based. We cannot afford NOT to lead with a relational mindset. There is a path forward. We can learn to create a sense of belonging, which is predictive of retention. Creating psychological safety improves equity, engagement, safety, experience, and outcomes.

As a human-centered leader, Anne will coach you to cultivate courage and connection among your colleagues to enhance meaning, purpose, and joy in both life and work.

“As institutions, one of the most powerful things we can do is to foster social connections in the workplace. We can create opportunities to learn about each other in authentic ways.”

-Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, MD

About Anne

Anne Pendo, MD, FACP, ACC, leads Physician and Advanced Practice Provider Experience at Intermountain Health, where she has also served patients for over 30 years. Anne’s role was created for her, a testament to her passion and commitment to advancing the provider experience, building on the belief that we are only able to provide safe, high-quality care to patients if we are well cared for ourselves.

Known amongst colleagues as an “emotional ninja” and “spirit guide,” Anne coaches physician and advanced practice provider leaders to become emotionally available leaders. A certified coach, Anne coaches individuals to balance clinical and leadership responsibilities, integrate their professional and personal lives, and improve leadership communication.

Through her bi-weekly roundtable discussions, titled Physician and APP Leader Roundtable: Sharing Leadership and Creating Connections, Anne is growing the reach of well-being and experience across Intermountain Health. As a result of her efforts, physician leadership showed meaningful improvement year over year.

Dr. Pendo was recently named Senior Medical Director for Outpatient Internal Medicine, Intermountain Utah Medical Group.

In her personal life, Anne finds balance by walking the neighborhood with her husband and their two working therapy dogs, Olive and Ollie.

Zoom Coaching Session

Coaching Services

Work with Dr. Pendo to become an emotionally available leader to drive results within your team.

Speaking Engagements

Anne speaks on a variety of topics while engaging participants in an immersive, interactive experience.


Anne will work with you one-on-one or in a group setting to help you find joy in both your work and personal lives.

Why Work With Anne

Anne coaches physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses, and healthcare leaders to reach their potential both personally and professionally. Her coaching is focused on emotionally available and relational leadership; balancing clinical and leadership responsibilities; integrating professional and personal lives; and improving leadership communication.

Personalized, Results-Driven Approach

What you will achieve by working with Anne:

  • Experience a Seamless Transition from Clinical Leader to Operational Excellence
  • Elevate Patient Care through Enhanced Team Effectiveness
  • Achieve Results through Relational Leadership Strategies
  • Understand Your “Why” and How to Create an Aligned Personal and Professional Life
Human-Centered Approach

Anne’s approach to coaching utilizes a human-centered and relational approach tailored around your unique needs, goals, and experiences. She prioritizes empathy and understanding and works to create a safe and supportive space for you to explore your leadership potential.

Emotional Availability

Anne understands the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership and works with you to build this critical skillset. By encouraging vulnerability and emotional availabiity, she can help you build stronger relationships with your team to become a more effective leader.


Anne has 30 years experience in healthcare and understands the unique challenges leaders are facing in this industry. She offers insights and strategies that are customized to the specific needs of healthcare executives.

Tangible Results

Anne is committed to helping you achieve tangible results. Whether it is improving your communication skills, building stronger teams, or advancing your career, she will help you set clear goals and develop actionable plans to achieve them.

Proven Track Record

Anne has a proven track record as a coach, with clients consistently expressing their satisfaction with their growth and development under her guidance. You can trust Anne to help you navigate complex challenges and achieve your goals.

“On behalf of the AACN Board of Directors, I write to express sincere appreciation for your participation in our recent Thought Leaders Assembly. Your genuine commitment to workforce resilience and wellbeing was obvious – your “lessons learned” and insight is valuable as we all contemplate how to not just “talk the talk” but robustly “walk the talk!” Your shared interdisciplinary perspectives that were also very helpful. I learned a great deal from you that will continue to inform my work in nursing education.

American College of Nursing


“I was offered the opportunity to participate in leadership coaching after complex personnel issues arose in my small department. I was assigned to a compassionate, thoughtful physician who was a neutral and experienced party who helped me express my concerns, expectations, frustrations, and was able to then help guide me to meaningful change. The issues that I had been battling made me doubt my leadership ability and were affecting my overall work experience, contributing to burnout. [Dr. Pendo] was able to help me learn better conflict navigation skills, evaluate where opportunities were missed to identify and intervene earlier, and how to move forward to positive leadership results for the future. My confidence improved and my burnout decreased. I feel confident moving forward as a leader.”

“You were amazing, Anne! Your message – but also your wonderful presentation style! I can’t thank you enough!

AVP, Employee Wellness/Employee Assistance Program Leading Health System

“Anne Pendo was AWESOME. She was so engaging and warm, but also clearly a skilled facilitator. The smaller group size was also really excellent in facilitating good conversations.”

“Really skilled facilitation by Anne Pendo. Don’t mistake her fun and hugging nature for weakness; she was truly excellent and very skilled.”

I really enjoyed having a professional coach! I recommend coaching for new leaders and experienced leaders. I love growing and improving my professional craft, and coaching is a great way to do that!

“Anne Pendo was AWESOME. She was so engaging and warm, but also clearly a skilled facilitator. The smaller group size was also really excellent in facilitating good conversations.”

Don’t wait! Start building a more connected team today.

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